A List

I love lists, so I thought I would start today off with a list of a few things that are hanging around in my brain this morning.


A couple weeks ago I talked about my love/hate relationship with the crock-pot.  Well, it seems I have the same issue with Overnight Oats.  Love the idea of them, actually eating the oats makes me want to gag.  Breakfast fail.


I feel like I am in a really great groove with my teaching.  I am enjoying my lessons and I am pretty sure my kiddos are too (they are teenagers, though, so you never can tell!).  Teaching is such a difficult profession because you deal with the “Human Factor” everyday.  I want to bring meaning to my students lives and I work hard to do that everyday.  Sometimes my goals are accomplished, sometimes they are not.  I want to end the year with way more good days then bad days.


I had the most horrible dinner last night.  It was one of those frozen family meals that you cook in the skillet.  The taste was awful.  And since my breakfast was disgusting too (see #1), yesterday was just a bad food day all together.


I have a reward gel manicure coming to me.  I even have a gift card to cover the cost.  The problem is finding the time to get it done.  I need to pencil that in today.


I spent three hours at Eucharistic Adoration last week.  It was so wonderful to connect with God during that time.  It might be the first time I have spent that long in prayer since I went on the Seven Day Silent Retreat in college.  I feel changed.  God has great plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and although I have no idea where life is taking me, I know things will be good and I will be taken care of.

Writing a Homily and Other Life Things

Here is a little about my life in list form…because I love lists:


Tomorrow I will be giving the Homily at our weekly school liturgy. I have done this many times before. Today I have writers block. Ugh! It stinks because I have a lot to say on the subject of choosing life but I have no words.I am hoping something will come to me in the next 24 hours or I will be standing at the ambo with 1400 eyes staring at me with nothing to say.


Last night Ryan slept from 8:45 pm-6:45 am. This is the longest stretch of sleep he has ever had. I am not saying this to brag, I am saying it because it might never happen again and I want to celebrate the small victories! YAY Ryan, YAY sleep.


When I put something in the crock pot in the morning I am super excited that I will have dinner ready when I get home. However, when I get home the thought of actually eating the food grosses me out. Fail.


When I don’t get a good parking spot at the gym I sometimes want to turn around and leave. Weird because I am going to the gym to exercise but I do not want to make the extra effort to walk in the parking lot. #thestruggleisreal


Tyler is turning 4 in a couple of weeks and I am so sad about it. Time is fleeting, you know? It just seems like the last four years have gone by way too quickly.

Here’e to making it a great day!






Honesty is the Best Policy

To be perfectly honest…


…I hate a mess and I cannot stand clutter, so when my housework begins to fall, so does my mindset.

…my favorite time of the day is taking the kids up for baths.  In our house it is the calm before the storm.

…I could eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger every.single.day. if I let myself.  I love them that much.

…I get annoyed very easily.

…life feels so short, but most days feel very long…especially at bed time.

…this weekend I spent only 5 minutes Christmas shopping but I spent about an hour on oldnavy.com buying things for myself on Monday.

…there are too many fun things to do over the next few weeks and I am worried I won’t get to them all.

…currently I am keeping a lot of secrets that I hope to spill to the Internet after the first of the year.

…one of my students asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor and I was so honored I cried.

…another of my students is going through a lot at home and she reached out to me today. 

…I get so bored with exercise and I tend to complain a lot…so, today I am mixing it up and going swimming.

…we need to get Christmas pictures taken but I find the whole process to be so annoying!!!!!

…I forgot to pay my Kohl’s charge this morning…when they called me I was shocked.

…I want a house make-over for Christmas…that’s all.