Back to Work…No Thank You

Today should have been my first day back from Christmas break. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. With sub zero conditions and icy roads, school was called off last night. I will take it as a win…but I was kind of ready to get back to it today.

I think I have talked on here before about suffering from anxiety. It is very controlled and I know my triggers, so I have been able to keep it under the radar for a long time. One of my triggers is not having a routine. I do not do well with idol time. While I am working my scheduled does not leave much room for downtime, but when I am on a break schedules go out the window.

For the past two weeks we have done very little. We did take the kids to Sky Zone and we have been out to eat a couple of times and have had many many play dates, but we haven’t done any “normal” activities. I have been too sick and had too much coughing to even think about the gym, all of our extra-curricular a have been on a break, and we barely eat breakfast before 10. It has been a lot of fun, just not normal.

I must say, I have done really well with little scheduling these weeks. In fact, this has been my best break ever with the kids. We have soaked up a ton of family time and I have loved playing Batman, Doc McStuffins, Sofia, Toy Story, and lots of “restaurant” (a favorite pretend game in our house). It’s been awesome having Shawn home on break too. We all just kind of gelled and it was a wonderful bonding time for us.

Today I was looking forward to getting back to my classroom. I have a lot going on work-wise for the next few weeks and I am ready to jump on it. My lessons are planned and I have a lot of cool projects in store for my students.

But, it will have to wait until tomorrow (or, quite possibly, Wednesday). And that is okay. I would never complain about a snow day!

As for my resolution for 2014…I guess it will have to wait for tomorrow!

20140106-091658.jpgThis guy…he is awesome!

2013 Resolution Recap

I have to say, when it comes to making New Years resolutions I have not had a great track record. I think it was 2005 that I resolved to lose weight and I actually did it (70 pound, hey ya!). Really, though, my results have been dismal. So last year at this time I aimed to make one resolution and make it count. I wanted it to be something that was attainable but also a bit challenging. So, I set out to do one thing really well.

Accessorize more.

And I nailed it.

I spent last year adding purses, necklaces, bracelets and scarfs to my everyday attire. I made it a point to create “outfits” rather than just plain clothes. And I felt great about it.

And people noticed.

Colleagues started commenting on my new look. Parents off students started asking me where I shopped and would comment about how put together I was. I really started to reap the benefits of the effort that I was putting in.

I am happy with my decision on resolutions for 2013. I will continue with it this year and the years to come. I have not decided on a resolution this year (I usually wait until the Monday after New Years Day to commit) but I am gang to think abut it throughout this weekend.

It is going to be tough to top 2013, though.