Stream of Conscienceness

Yesterday I started a week of eating on track.
It always surprises me how little food the body needs to sustain itself. Yesterday was 1500 calories and I was satisfied.
Could I have eaten more? Of course! Did I need to eat more. Definite no.

I am going back to smoothies for breakfast because I realize now that they are super delicious and filling and when I have one in the morning it sets my whole day. My new favorite combo is as follows:
½ cup Greek yogurt
½ cup almond milk
2 teaspoons almond butter
½ cup frozen fruit (today it was cherries, YUM!)
I have been working on perfecting that combination for weeks. Now that I have written it down it seems funny…almost too simple.

Shawn is trying to stick to no complex carbs, but that is just not how I roll. When I deprive myself of a food group that is all I want. I know better than to do this. But, since I am counting calories, I have to reduce my carbs if I want to stay in control. I am proud of Shawn because the first thing he had to give up was Coke and the man loves Coke. I don’t think the complex carbs thing will be that difficult for him…but the Coke. Insane. He might drop 20 pounds this week without it.
Then I would be irritated…but happy for him.

It is easier to stick to a plan when you know your significant other is doing it as well…at least for me. Even though we do not see each other during the week, it still is reassuring knowing that he is also taking part in a lifestyle change.

I feel like I am in a rut. Everything is status quo, but I feel bored but stressed, happy but also a little depressed, calm but anxious. I know this makes no sense, but it is clear to me.

We have a very busy October. In fact, this weekend is our last free weekend until November. Craaaaaazzzyyyyyy!!!!!
I love being busy, but I also get anxious and high strung when there is too much going on. My goal for October is to keep my anxiety in check and ask for help when I need it. Easier said than done.

I guess that is all for now. I am pretty happy that tonight is free with nothing planned but the gym and home. YAY!!!! It is so nice out we will be able to ride bikes and scooters one my night, That rocks. Outside play means tired children.

Do you have any big plans for a Tuesday?
What are you eating this week?