Pregnancy Week 17

This week has flown by. Megan has been sick for a few days so it seems all of my energy has gone into making her comfortable. Week 16 is like a blur.
I did decide this week that we are going to get a new travel system for our new little one. Our original Eddie Bauer stroller has been awesome the last four years. It has withstood the test of time. However, bringing it to Disney World and having both kids sit in it (together) really gave it a beating. I don’t even think I could consign it. Also, since the pumpkin seat is four years old it is reaching its expiration. I am going to try and find a similar Eddie Bauer stroller because I would like to still be able to use the two extra bases we have. There are a couple that I like and I might register for one since we could use the discount after my due date.
Shawn pointed out that this was the first time I actually brought up something about the baby. Believe me, I think about this precious little one every moment of every day, but I am just so overwhelmed with life. We never get to talk about anything, let alone the baby. We need a date night. Like, bad.

Pregnancy: 17 weeks

Sleep: I have been up every day at 4am and not able to get back to sleep. Obviously, the relaxation techniques have not been working.

Gender: Team Green

Name: I am pretty sure we are getting close, but since we are TEAM GREEN I feel like I have all the time in the world.

Feeling: This has been a great week. Only one vomiting episode. YAY for me!

Health: Feeling good. I was able to get 4 work-outs in this week. Victory.

Movement: No movement. I am starting to think I might have an anterior placenta like I did with Megan

Belly: I think I look smaller this week. How does that happen?

Next Appointment: The BIG ultrasound/anatomy scan is scheduled for February 13. I am taking the day off!


Pregnancy Week 15


It has been a pretty good week, pregnancy-wise. Nothing too atypical to report. Last night I went to bed at 7:30 with the kids. No big deal…i deserve it, right?
I did head back to the gym after a LONG hiatus (like 6 weeks off) and I felt great about that. I am not making any fitness goals per say, but I would like to stay active and try and make it to the gym at least 2-3 days a week. Shawn is also starting a fitness regimen and a new routine at work, so we might be able to be fitness buddies!
I must say, I have been really worried about the baby since my illness and subsequent antibiotics last week. I was assured that it was the safest route for me to go, but it has been on my mind. I am looking forward to my appointment next week and hearing the heartbeat and making sure everything is okay with this little one.
Also, I have not been as tired with this pregnancy as I was in the past. Especially when I was pregnant with Tyler I was exhausted ALL.THE.TIME. Maybe my body is just used to being pregnant or something. Or maybe I am taking things a little more easy than I have in the past.

Pregnancy: 15 weeks

Sleep: Much better this week. A couple of nights I even dodged the 2am potty break.

Gender: Team Green and super excited about it!

Name: They change daily.

Feeling: Morning sickness (all day sickness) seems to be back in full-force this week. I had one really bad episode on Wednesday but I think I have decided to give up salads all together…they do nothing for me except make me feel pukey!

Health: I am still bothered by a slightly sore throat and plugged ears. Nothing I can’t tolerate, but I would love to feel better in the very near future.

Movement: Nothing. But I did ready in my pregnancy journal from Megan that I did not feel movement until 26 weeks, so I still might have a long time to wait.

Belly: No changes this week.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, January 15. I believe this is when I will schedule the anatomy scan as well.

Pregnancy Week 14

Like I said in my last post, I never did pregnancy updates with my two other babies, but I thought it would be sort of fun this time around. Please don’t count on me being on time every Friday of every week…but I will try my best. I was 15 week yesterday, so I will be updating you on week #14.

My first belly picture (OMG I will work on my face for next week…blame my illness):

Pregnancy: 14 weeks

Sleep: Since being sick, it has been horrible.

Gender: This time around, we are TEAM GREEN. This deserves a post in itself.

Name: Nothing I am willing to share at this point.

Feeling: Since coming down with the plague (strep, sinus, and ear) I have been feeling pretty crappy, but the nausea seems to be more manageable…or maybe I am just not noticing it.

Health: See above (pretty crappy)

Movement: Nothing yet although I could have sworn I felt a flutter yesterday.

Belly: I feel like I look smaller now than pre-pregnancy. This will change quickly though.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, January 15. Can’t wait. I want to make sure everything is okay since the illness and subsequent antibiotics.

I’ve Become A Cliche

I read a lot of “Mommy Blogs.” I love reading about how people are raising their children across the country. I don’t buy into mommy wars or anything like that. We all do things differently and that is great; we can learn a lot from each other. But, one thing remains the same with pretty much every blogger I have eve read…when she becomes pregnant the blog falls apart for a while.

About a week after I wrote this post about how happy I am to be a mom of two, this happened…

To say we were surprised and shocked would be an absolute understatement. Because I had suffered an early miscarriage exactly the same time last year I was very cautious and scared and I took about a million tests. And then,we saw the most beautiful image at my doctor’s appointment.

20131221-095621.jpgWell, hello, baby #3…we already love you.

It has been 13 weeks of non-stop nausea but so much happiness. I am so thrilled with the idea of one more precious little one. And so are these two…

20131221-100111.jpg We told our families at Thanksgiving dinner with those awesome shirts!

I apologize for my sporadic posts at best. Now you know why. I am a cliche! More to come in the next few weeks. Today I am enjoying my first day of Christmas break. We are celebrating in pajamas with cereal while watching Christmas cartoons. Bliss, I tell you, pure bliss!