Ironman March Week #1

My first week of the Ironman March challenge went swimmingly well (pun intended!). It was such a refreshing way to look at my work-outs for the week. I am normally pretty boring when it comes to exercise. I get on the treadmill, watch my newest show on Netflix (“House of Cards” at this moment) rinse and repeat. When school is out I like to do classes like Muscle Max and Cardio Fitness but when school is in session it is difficult for me to make it to those.

This challenge was actually a challenge for me. Fitness-wise, I know I can swim and ride a bike, but it definitely took me out of my comfort zone to do those work-outs. The swim was especially difficult for me to fit into my schedule (the gym with the indoor pool is about 20 minutes from home, the quick gym is about 2 minutes) but I did it and once I was in the water it felt great. I was a competitive swimmer growing up so it was cool to get back into the water for fitness. I only needed to swim 952 yards to keep up with the week but I went ahead and swam 1250 and probably could have gone longer if I didn’t know in the back of my head that the kids were in childcare and wanted to swim as well. My arms were killing me that night…in a good way.

The bike was not fun. I must admit. It was uncomfortable and boring and I really hated every minute of it. And, of course, I have to do a ton more biking this month. Maybe if I was outside in nice weather and a regular bike it would be better. I might try that before the month is over.

So, here are the details:

Saturday: 11 miles (bike), 2.2 miles (walk/jog)
Sunday: off
Monday: 2 miles (bike), 3 miles (walk/jog)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 3 miles (walk/jog)
Thursday: 12.3 miles (bike), 1 mile (walk/jog)
Friday: 1250 yard (swim)

Not bad. Not bad at all. I am proud of myself.

Weekend Update…Operation Dodge Cabin Fever

Well, it continues to be the weekend here in Loveland, OH. Yes, you guessed it…another SNOW DAY! I have mixed feelings about it because there is so much to do at school, but I am thrilled to spend another day with my little munchkins. Megan woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible cough and awkward breathing (we almost got dressed to go the ER) so it was nice to have a bit of time to sleep in this morning too. Don’t worry, Miss M is fine this morning. I think she just has a head cold.

Thisweekend was a mix of a lot of lounging and a a lot of moving. Friday night we hung out as a family of four and ordered take-out from Outback. Our favorite. On Saturday I let Shawn sleep in and we headed to the gym. Megan loves Kid Fit class so we made it just in time for her to participate. I was able to get three and a half miles in the the treadmill.

When we got home Megan spent the rest of the day with a couple of the neighborhood girls. We are blessed to live in an awesome neighborhood full of little kids. It is not uncommon in the summer to have fifteen kids ages two to eight in our back park. I love the kids and I adore their moms. We are all different but have similar values which makes it a great community.

After a day of playing the girls, of course, scammed me into hosting a sleepover. It was impromptu and so much fun. I made cupcakes and let the girls (and Tyler) decorate them. They had a blast.

Then it was play play play the rest of the night. At 10:30 I forced them into bed and they giggled for an hour. So sweet. By midnight they were done.

In the morning we had time for quick manicures before the ladies went home and we got dressed and headed to church.

Later that day we headed to the “big gym” and the kids played while we worked out. When we were leaving we realized the rock wall was open. After signing my life away the kids gave it a try.

Needlesstosay, they loved it. We all be back…especially because it is free! Gotta love free activities at the good old YMCA.
Also, the kids were exhausted when we got home and promptly went to bed at 6:00 and did not make a peep all night. Shawn was working so I felt like I was on vacation…I watched HGTV without interruption, ate a bowl of ice cream, and enjoyed the calm.

Yesterday we were back at the gym in the morning and I was able to participate in Muscle Max which I love. I have not been able to get to a class since the summer so it felt good to be back. Boy, am I sore this morning.
In the afternoon we did another fun free activity.

Swimming for the win!

Today we are going to relax. I probably will not go anywhere since Megan is a little under the weather.

What activities does your family do to cure cabin fever?


To Swim or Not to Swim


I used to be a competitive swimmer…like, a million years ago.

I love the pool and I loved being a part of a team that counted on me but I could also be an individual.  I can imagine cross-country and track athletes feel the same way.  And, I was good at it.  I was state ranked and, believe it or not, some records I set in the late ‘80’s still stand today.

The thing is, I have not swam laps in a long time.  The indoor pool is not that convenient to my house, in the summer I am swimming with the kids and not putting my time in the lengths, and I hate all the mumbo-jumbo that goes along with swimming.


What do I mean by mumbo-jumbo?  Glad you asked!

I hate packing a bag for swimming; suit, goggle, caps, towel, flip flops, shampoo and conditioner, clean undies, etc.  I dislike having to add shower time, drying time, and changing time to my work-out, and I especially don’t like leaving my kids in the child care at the Y with the indoor pool (there is nothing particularly wrong with the child care, it is just different from what they are used to makes me nervous).

 Yesterday, though, I sucked it up, put on my big panties, and decided not to let the excuses pile up.  I diligently thought about and packed everything I would need to make a swim possible.  I talked up to the kids how much fun the new gym would be (spoil alert, they LOVED it!).  I talked myself into this new adventure.

 And you know what?  I loved it.  I loved how I felt in the water.  I loved how my body moved in the waves.  I felt amazing during my work-out and even better afterwards.  You know that burn you feel sometimes when you have an awesome work-out?  I had it.  Aside from one major technical difficulty (I need new goggles), it was basically a perfect work-out; one I plan on doing every week.  I felt refreshed and really proud of myself for my accomplishments.

 I have to admit, come holiday time I am a bit of a slacker when it comes to exercise.  I try not to be, but it just seems to happen.  I also get bored with the same old work-out, and I am tired!  This year, though, I am trying to be more present in everything I do.  Maybe I cannot commit to five days a week, but I think three days is reasonable and doable.  I am still actively trying to be healthy and I know what I need to do.  Exercise is the number one priority for my health. 

So, yes, I am a swimmer…glad you asked!



Have any of you tried a new sport or work-out lately? 



A Great Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend that went by at a pace I was comfortable with…not too fast, not too slow. On Saturday morning, Shawn declared that it would be a “stay-cation” day in which we would stay in the area but pretend we were on vacation.

I started with an awesome Muscle Max class in the morning. Megan went to the Kids Cardio class and Tyler stayed in the Kids Club (Shawn slept…he does work second shift, you know!). That class SLAYED ME! Oh my, I felt muscles I never knew I had…more on my love affair with classes at the gym in another post.

When we got home Shawn was just finishing up with mowing the lawn and we took about 15 minutes to clean up and get changed for the pool.




As the pictures show, we had a great time. Many of our neighborhood friends were also there so it made for a fun day for both the kids and the adults. We stayed at the pool way too long (remember, we are on vacation and staying at the pool until early evening is mandatory!). We all changed and headed to dinner at the local pizza place. We never go there and when you are inside it does feel like you are on vacation. After dinner we finished the evening with a very “vacation-ey” type activity..PUTT PUTT!


So. Much. Fun. We came home at dusk sunkissed and exhausted. It was a such a great day and just what the doctor ordered.

For Father’s Day Shawn golfed in the morning and then we headed to his parents house for a BBQ with the family. When we came home it seemed like most of the neighborhood was out in our park and we joined them for some baseball and running around. Then the adults and kids gathered for an impromptu campfire.

It was a lovely weekend. Truly one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time. I know I have said it before, but I just love the summer so much. And this weather is to die for!! I know I will be cursing the heat in the next month or two but right now I have zero to complain about. It made Father’s Day a bit more bearable for me and I did appreciated some really kind words Shawn spoke at the end of the night. Love my guy!