Play Date!

Update from yesterday…I think I am more hungry during the day when I do not work out in the morning. I am not sure why this is the case, but I think it is pretty true. This is a totally unresearched, unproven theory, but I am going with it.

Today started with day 2 of VBS drop off. Sweet Megan Elizabeth did great and seemed pretty unaffected by the whole thing.

love that purple t-shirt…I do not love washing it every night, however

Ty and I headed off to the gym for a Power Core class. I was thinking I was going to be late and not be able to attend but I made it just in time…for ZUMBA? Yes, you heard me correctly. The PC teacher was feeling pretty down with back issues and asked the Zumba instructor (who happened to be in the class) to work our outer and inner thighs with a Zumba routine. I have never done Zumba before and I really had no desire to try it. I will tell you, after 20 minutes I was sweating to death and my thighs were absolutely burning. Like, crazy burning. Zumba for the win! I might take my gym up on a free class this week.

When we got home Shawn picked up Megan and she was crying because I did not pick her up. I guess I will not be making that mistake again! Secretly I just love that my kids are always looking for me…not that they do not love Shawn so much, it is just they love me…they really love me.

Megan had a play date this afternoon which meant we missed naps. Not pretty for anyone involved. I am not really that kind of parent that forces naps, but when I know my kids need them I just know. So, the play date was not terrible, but there were many breakdowns.


20130716-173804.jpgbut also lots of very cute moments too

Part of the reason why I did not pick Megan up was because I was waiting for Direct TV. My window was from 12-4. I will spare you all my DTV woes, but in a nutshell this girl is about to go postal. So, I am sitting here now and it is 5:40 and a technician has yet to show up. Super annoying. Really, super annoying. It makes all the troubles I have had with this company heightened and I have no idea why they do not take my time into consideration. It makes me want to tell them to take everything out of my house when (if?) they get here. Irritating.

I have so many things to write about…Disney re-cap, Summer TV, updating my goals for the summer. But, I feel like everyday I just ramble. I guess that is okay…it is my blog, anyway.

Anyone have any good and funny stories out there? I would love to hear them,